Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buggy Car ABCD (Anak Bandung Cinta Damai), Car Haunted Works Of SMK 8 Bandung

Buggy Car ABCD
Vocational school students continued to demonstrate his skill in creating. This time, turn SMKN 8 Bandung which makes the car named Buggy Cars ABCD which is a continuation of the Children's Peace Love Bandung (Anak Bandung Cinta Damai). The car is not designed for use ferocious on the highway, but specifically for off-road, for example in the muddy road, forest or desert.

"It could also be used for the disaster area," said Principal SMK 8 Dedi Indrayana, after receiving a visit visit Bandung Mayor Dada Rosada who bought two units Buggy Car, SMKN 8 Jakarta, Tuesday (01/17/2012).

From the outside, pugnacity Buggy Car looks of the arrangement of metal pipe into the car frame and engine as well as supporting four types of radial tires offroad. The car was designed in 2009 it began to be designed with a capacity of two passengers. If for off-road, one driver and one navigator.

In the engine, engine wear Buggy Car vios manual with a capacity of 1500 cc petrol, could pertamax or premium. Tank of fuel oil (BBM) can accommodate up to 40 liters. Uniquely, the engine placed at the rear. "Buggy Car not prepared to follow the general standard, not an ordinary car engine in front, while behind the Buggy Car," he explained.

This car is equipped with five-speed transmission system. Regarding speed, the Buggy Car could run up to 120 km / hour. This sports car or a cruise priced 50 million IDR to 75 million IDR. Until 2012, the School SMKN 8 Bandung already sold four units Buggy Car, not including those ordered by the Government of Bandung through Bandung Mayor Dada Rosada.

"Pemesannya of Jambi and Medan," said Dedi. He added, SMKN 8 Buggy Car Bandung ready to produce if the ordering parties. "So that there is more economic value, so that students can also practice wisausaha at once," he said. Assembly method is done, he continued, the majority learned from the internet, especially Youtube site.

According to Deputy Mayor Ayi Vivananda Bandung, this achievement should be followed by the partnership program, so that it can be developed and marketed more leverage. He also hoped, homemade products "urang Bandung" can be enjoyed by a broader market segment.

Ayi even challenging SMKN 8 Bandung, to modify the buggy car that can be used on the highway. "If it were so, could the City Government would purchase through a tender process to use its officers, while that for individuals can be obtained more easily," he said.